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I’m regrettably just now getting my writing rhythm on, but here we are! I’ll try to give you something of a lowdown from the last few days, the beginning of Round Mountain’s 2012 tour. Our sole tour this year, we were hard pressed to choose where to go, but it’s felt great to revisit the Northwest where we hadn’t had the pleasure of arriving for a goodly while. Musing on tour themes – the “Where’s the One” tour? (You can take that seriously if you want). The great friends tour.

We were afraid we’d run out of sage shortly past NM – no such thing – it basically fills the space between home and the Cascades) – at Char’s urging we stocked the dashboard with sage we picked from every state, which we’ve been handing out as hostess gifts.¬†After plodding across open these expanses all the way from New Mexico, reconstucting places we’d written songs in the past, musing and working on our new album, getting our road chill on, as Jon used to say, we arrived in the incredible verdure of Seattle. Our friends Keni and Esther, along with their lovely offspring Jonah and Sophia, took lovely care of us. We breathed in a lot of rainy air, and noticed the sun coming out has the effect of rain in NM – it brings out all the smells A good show at our longtime Seattle place – Egan’s. Kane Mathis started the night with the kind of stellar matter he always brings airborne. Some gorgeous oud, some kora waterfalls. Not only does he complelely understand the the traditions, they ripple off him in the the kind of delicious way you can still love even if you don’t understand them. I was proud that, after 6 previous times in Seattle, we’ve finally gotten to the space where we can complelely adore that skill without feeling cowed. We had a great initiatory show.
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