St. Joseph

© 2013 C./R. Rothschild

Dedicated to the memory of M. Naci Aksop


Hold it, don’t let it go,

Don’t hold it too tight, all that you know

Hold it, don’t let it go, don’t hold it too tight, don’t hold it too tight.


Over, over the water (2x)

Mother, now it’s time for us to go over the water

Leaving all that we know to the flow of water

Everything that we were hoping

Through that rippling motion

Some door, forgotten, would open

Over the water, far away

Far away from home (far away), from the only home

I’ve ever known how to be alone

from the only home I’ve ever known how to be alone



What about your mother? What about your sister?

What about your brother? What about your father?  (2x)

What about you?


In the shallows, we’ve run aground over the water

The moon is upside down, over the water

Look there as the tide is receding –

someone, broken and bleeding –

fallen, but are you still breathing?

Let the moon come pull you, let the tide come fill you

as the waves go still, you see the face within you (2x)


Onward through the rime and through the snow,

don’t hold on too tightly, don’t let go.

Hold your life just like a little bird,

Naci, I remember every word that you say –

Yunus Emre.

It’s a dangerous life, but you don’t have to run, you don’t have to run away

It’s a dangerous life, but you can look inside –

look inside people’s eyes.

You don’t have to run away.