Come to the Garden


© 2013 R./C. Rothschild


Come down to the garden in the gathering rain

Come breathe in the sage

Come heal your pain

Where the roses bloom, and they bloom so wild

Leave you rolling in the garden like a little child


Come to the garden

Clouds may be looming

But the time to pick the flower

Is the hour that it’s blooming

Come down to the garden with a smile so fine

That it might be yours, that it might be mine

If you’re already gone, come down anyway

Come down to the garden, come bloom for a day




Well you may not have known when you said goodbye

To the yielding earth, to the shining sky

Well you may not have known that your love would be

Passed on in a song to your family

But I want to thank you for what you’ve done

For the day to blossom here under the sun

And I want to ask you for the strength to see

That the flower of a father blooms again in me




Don’t be forsaken, try to be forgiving

Come into your power in the hour that you’re living