(©2003 R. Rothschild)

Will you come with me through the elder trees
near the end of day in the fall
Where the light is still and the woods are filled
by a voice I seem to recall

Roaring, falling, and dying
so far away

And as the sun is going down in the day
another light is growing
someone above us shining down, lighting our way
as we go on unknowing

When we reach the glade, may we kneel and pray
as the twilight fades to an end
For the darkness brings someone answering
as the branches sing in the wind

Roaring, falling, and dying
they’ve all gone away

And now the moon is going down in the West
and still a light is glowing
They’re all above us shining down, guarding our rest
as we dream on unknowing


Robby – lead vocal, ashiko, bouzouki
Char – harmony vocal
Engine #487 at Cascade Trestle