San Ysidro

© 2013 C./R. Rothschild


Was it fear I felt outside your house in moonlight shade?

Beside me you had stayed,

and when I felt you laugh with me then I was not afraid.

Will you stay with us across the years now as they go,

like the rain and snow,

with memories to douse and ease the fires we’re bound to know?

And in the silence when we wonder how we can go on

to sing another song,

help us hear the bird that has been singing all along, ringing through the dawn



I still will sing the glory of the Earth, joining with the wind’s whistling cry,

through the clouds of burning ashes and the fires raging high.

San Ysidro, bring the rain to sustain these living things,

for the bird is singing still, and so I still will sing.


A mockingbird will weave a melody from every change

there’s no sorrow and no pain

but I am here to cry for who is gone and who remains.

A mockingbird will weave a melody from every change –

no guilt, there is no blame,

only prayers for rain.


Ya heya heya, ya heya heya