Lyrics & Meaning

This music comes from and is about places.
Every musical tradition takes on the flavor of the land,
as well as the character of the ones who have played it.
It is tea, steeped in people, place, and time.

Besides the different essences that make each culture unique,
there are similarities and undercurrents through them
that reveal something about
what it is to be human in the world.

We follow these currents
through harmony and dissonance
as a way of looking into that window of time, of place, of people,
growing in respect and appreciation
for what it is we all share.

Starting in the low country of our differences,
we begin to recognize the same ghostly paths,
ascending to an unseen summit.
We follow them.

The round mountain shows many faces,
but from the top the view is open, complete.
We are mountains. Let us climb.