Words © 2013 C./R. Rothschild

Music © 2013 C./R. Rothschild / P. Jacques


1. I cast my eyes up to the headlands

I cast my ashes out to sea

I’m lit from beneath by an unseen sun

I am the darkness that receives


I got to grind all these dreams and sorrows

Not too coarse and not too fine

I got to meet with the water and stain it gold

And leave the grounds I was behind



How long do we have to climb

How long do we have to shine



Coffee—even in the dead of the night

Coffee—fill me with your dawning light


Now it is the time

The possibility

From the strangled vines come untangle me

Unify my mind and my destiny

Lift me up on high to the best in me


2.  And now the fire’s alive inside me

And now I’m alive inside of you

And since we’re together in this moment, friend

There are some things that we’ve got to do

I want to take you up to the headlands

But notice the clock upon the wall

If I take you up the mountain in the spring

You know you’re gonna come down alone in the fall