St. Anthony’s Garden

(©2003 C. Rothschild)

Yellow crayon slipped out of the set
And rolled behind the cabinet
And no one noticed it was gone
Quite a few months later someone said
“Well, here’s the purple and the red,
But where’s the yellow crayon gone?
Yellow come back to me!”

In the garden, and behind the trees
The summer whispered through the leaves
And in the darkness you were free
And then she healed you quietly

It’s a long hard journey you see,
Until you find St. Anthony

When that crayon next came into light
A world so glorious and bright
Shone all around the little dear
From the angel light there came a voice
“Your owners lost you, not by choice –
Here you shall stay until the end
Then they shall find you, friend, here


Once there was a love that filled my heart
And every day I fell apart
Afraid the love would disappear
Then one day it was gone
and there was no sign of it anywhere
But even as it slipped away from me,
It found St. Anthony, here


Char – lead vocals, guitar
Robby – harmony vocals, bouzouki