You Cannot Wait

(©2003 R. Rothschild)

There’s something strange about this fall,
something lingering I don’t recall,
something odd about the light,
something missing from my sight.

And in the face of it the land
has been wounded by our human hands,
still I recognize the touch,
still it comforts me so much-
the leaves are falling:

You cannot wait, you cannot wait.

And now this country’s going to war
without seeing what we’re fighting for.
Oh, it grieves me to the soul,
still the trees are bearing gold.

The living gold cannot endure
but what illuminates it is so pure,
in that alchemy of sun,
bright as angels we become.
But we are falling:

We cannot wait, we cannot wait.

All the faces gathered in the air
shining in the stillness, can you see them there,
smiling at the edges of your sight?
The door is standing open, walk into the light.

Robby – lead and harmony vocals, bouzouki, leaves
Char – harmony vocals, tuppan, gaida
Paul Brown – upright bass