The First Fire

(©2003 C./R. Rothschild)
In memory of Bryan Fant, drama teacher

 Of many buildings the cornerstone, of many a hearth the first fire

Your faith in me, far beyond my own, brought through something much higher

Can’t believe you’re gone
You who sang out with a voice of light have become the song
Still seems strange and wrong
Even though you burned so bright, this night goes on

I’d like to toast you and join my song, or join my tears, with the others
Oceans’ tide, and the wind so strong, scattered my sisters and brothers
But in the wail of the wind, the howling of the wave
We are bound in the sound of the love that you gave

Even though you’re gone
You sang out with a voice of light, and the heat was strong
We will carry on
Burning with that fire so bright, ‘til the light of dawn

Char – lead vocal, guitar, accordion
Robby – harmony vocal, mandolin, drum set
Paul Brown – upright bass