The Fiery Light

(©2003 C. Rothschild)


Day it is a mirror, a mirror to face
Everywhere you look is no hiding place
I see you’ve turned a corner, I see you’ve come clear
Do you like what you see? See what you fear?

At the hour of midnight, you would appear
The lamps of song would flicker when you’d draw near
You’d be there in a mantle of red
Always so kind, not a word was said

These words in the air are woven so tightly, the joy and despair
And where is the choice? The answer so sweet in the sound of one voice
You burn in the night, the faces all gathered in the fiery light
What peace may be found when the embers burn dim and the shadow comes down?


Don’t cry at the mirror
Don’t cry at the moon
Don’t cry in the cellar in the afternoon
Cry at every season
Cry at the fair
Cry when there’s no one
No one there


Char – lead and harmony vocals, çö?ür saz, gaida
Robby – harmony vocals, bouzouki, tuppan
Paul Brown – upright bass