Without Fear

© 2013 R./C. Rothschild


Do you know a river so wide

in the fog you can’t see the other side?

Do you know that river of soul –

it runs so deep and the water’s so cold?


Yes, I know a river with the banks so wide

and one day I’ll cross it to the other side.

Yes, I know a river where my friends have gone

and I’ll cross it gently just like a swan.


Do you know that river of mind,

it can block you off from what you’re trying to find

How do you dance between that river’s roar

and the song that calls you from the other shore?


I will dance with courage and I’ll dance with pride,

feel the wonder healing what our fear divides.

And I’ll cross that river with a song to sing,

and I’ll feel so thankful, feel just like a king.



Without fear, without fear, though you’ve been denied,

it’s all clear, it’s all clear to the other side.

Oh the river is long, but it’s not so wide,

it’s all clear, it’s all clear to the other side,

and I don’t want to be refused,

tell me what have I got to lose?


Don’t be stymied, and don’t be slow,

you must live that river running through your soul.

Will you sing that song with me, my friend,

may we sing forever, may it never end?


When I cross that river on a summer’s day

and the shimmering sun has burned the fog away

and the current’s slower with the rising tide,

I will cross that river from the other side.