The Burning Braid

(©2003 C./R. Rothschild)

In the gloaming hour when these words are sung
One by one we hear the voices clear
“Oh when will we be one”
Follow them toward the sea where the light has gone
Down among the graves and eucalyptus leaves
Calling for us to come

Into the underworld where it’s already dawn
In the light of day the voices fall away
Leaving us all alone
The sun on the other side heaven and sorrow has shown
Still the voices hide in the moonrise
Calling us to come home

When our grandmothers rise, facing down into the sun,
Raise the burning braid into the sky
Oh then will we be one


Char – vocals, saz, ney, clarinet, trumpet
Robby – vocals, tuppan, kora, hosho
Paul Brown – upright bass