What’s Up With Us

Robby wrote this song about the recent solar eclipse. Recorded these basic tracks at Frogville, thanks to Bill Palmer. Hope it brings a moment of peace for you!
Amid all the noise of being here in this world, we need to come back to what’s holding us unseen, and what will be around – in unknown form – long after we leave. In the eddying swirl of political turmoil and the recent total eclipse of the sun, the weight of the unknown is heavy on us. It seems like a good time to offer this song as a shrine to a simple feeling that connects us all and brings us, honest and shining, home.

Quote of the Moment

These words in the air are woven so tightly, the joy and despair
Where is the choice? The answer so sweet in the sound of one voice –
You burn in the night, the faces all gathered in the fiery light
What peace may be found, when the embers burn dim and the shadow comes down?

We are…

Blending dusty American grit with a worldly amalgam of global influences, Santa Fe-based duo Round Mountain presents a singular take on folk music that is both foreign and familiar. The multi-multi-instrumentalist band of brothers has travelled the globe absorbing bits and pieces of musical cultures, returning to filter them through their own sepia-toned Americana framework.

Char and Robby Rothschild have been writing songs and singing together since they were kids harmonizing in the back of the family car. They live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where they grew up, now with families of their own, yet their musical horizons are as broad as the world. They weave elements of world music into their original songs, providing both the comfort of the familiar with the excitement of the new.  They themselves are family men as well as travelers, whose performances bridge folk and world genres. They play their original songs on a multitude of instruments from around the world, often playing several of those instruments at once. Their lyrics evoke the emotion of family, giving listeners a path to access the universal and rugged beauty conveyed by global traditional music.